Broadcasting operations - further reading

Studies of the state of broadcasting in various countries and regions, some now useful only for historical purposes, include Sydney W. Head, World Broadcasting Systems (1985), a comparative analysis of all aspects of radio, television, and cable systems in developed, developing, and undeveloped countries worldwide; Philip T. Rosen (ed.), International Handbook of Broadcasting Systems (1988), including coverage of broadcasting history, government regulations, and industry economics for 24 countries, with a bibliography for each; Burton Paulu, Radio and Television Broadcasting on the European Continent (1967), Radio and Television Broadcasting in Eastern Europe (1974), and Television and Radio in the United Kingdom (1981); E.G. Wedell, Broadcasting and Public Policy (1968), a critical view of broadcasting in the United Kingdom; Sydney W. Head (ed.), Broadcasting in Africa (1974), a comprehensive survey, including a bibliography; Elihu Katz et al., Broadcasting in the Third World: Promise and Performance (1977), an analysis of broadcasting in developing countries; John A. Lent (ed.), Broadcasting in Asia and the Pacific: A Continental Survey of Radio and Television (1978); Anthony Smith (ed.), Television and Political Life (1979), a collection of essays describing patterns of control by political parties over television broadcasting in six European countries; William E. McCavitt (ed.), Broadcasting Around the World (1981), generally useful, though the chapter on the former Soviet Union should be read with caution; Douglas A. Boyd, Broadcasting in the Arab World: A Survey of the Electronic Media in the Middle East, 2nd ed. (1993); Sydney W. Head and Christopher H. Sterling, Broadcasting in America: A Survey of Electronic Media, 6th ed. (1990); Eva Etzioni-Halevy, National Broadcasting Under Siege: A Comparative Study of Australia, Britain, Israel, and West Germany (1987); and Peter M. Lewis and Jerry Booth, The Invisible Medium: Public, Commercial, and Community Radio (1989), on radio's changing roles in selected countries.

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